Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008

Dear Friends and Family,

Field Trip: We had a great time at Qiball Science center. The students really enjoyed the hands-on activities and the planetarium. It was a great way to enhance our study of Astronomy. Also, lunch at the Oguro’s ramen shop went very well. Please remember to thank them if you see them. Please stop by their ramen shop anytime you are in Chiba. They will be pleased to have you.

Tennis Tournament: Due to rain, last week’s tennis tournament will be postponed until Nov. 14. 
November’s tennis schedule will be as follows: 14, 21, and 28.  Remember that it is getting dark earlier. Please try to leave the school immediately after class. Also, students should change and stretch BEFORE their last period class.

Fall Break: (10/31-11/10) Please remember that there is no school this Friday. The teachers will be planning for the coming semester, as well as, preparing grades for the first quarter report cards (11/13). School will resume on November 11th.

FEU: 11/15 - We will be putting together Christmas packages for students in Bangladesh. (See attached brochure for more information.)

Odori: November 08, 2008
The students from CCSI will perform at 1:30.

Tuesday Devotional Leader: (11/11)
Takeda Family

Calendar Update: A new copy of the November calendar will be going home today. Please note the scheduling changes on your family’s calendar.

Reimbursements Due: (10/31) First quarter reimbursements are due this Friday.

Upcoming Events
10/31 Teacher in Service/ No school
10/31 Reimbursements due
11/4-11/7 Fall Break
11/13 Report Cards
11/15 FEU
12/5&6 Living Nativity
12/23-1/5 Christmas Break

CCSI ご家族の皆様

社会科見学:Qiball(きぼーる) 科学館での時間はとても祝福されました。生徒達は体験コーナーやプラネタリウムをとても楽しみ、天文学の学びをより良いものとする機会となりました。小黒さんのラーメン屋での昼食も素晴らしい時間でした。ご夫妻をお見かけした際にはお礼の言葉をおかけ下さい。皆さんも千葉へお越しの際はぜひ幸福軒へお立ち寄り下さい。小黒さんも喜ばれると思います。

テニス トーナメント:雨天のため、先週のテニストーナメントは11月14日へ延期となりました。

秋休み:(10/31− 11/10)今週の金曜日は学校がお休みです。先生方は来学期の準備や成績表作成を行います。秋休み後11月11日から学校は始まります。

FEU: 11/5 – バングラデシュへ送るためのクリスマスボックスをつくります。(詳細については添付してあるちらしをご覧下さい。)





10/31 学期終了/ティーチャーズインサービス/休校
10/31 仮払い精算書提出期限日
11/4-11/7 秋休み
11/13 成績表
11/15 FEU
12/5&6 Living Nativity
12/23-1/5 冬休み

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