Friday, October 17, 2008

October 17, 2008

Dear Friends and Family,

Field Trip: October 24, 2008
All students will be going to Qiball in Chiba. In order to enhance our study of Astronomy in science class, we would like to take advantage of the Qiball planetarium.

The Oguro family has graciously invited us to have lunch at their restaurant. They will open early so that we will be able to eat together as a class. Each child should bring 500 yen to cover the cost of lunch. The school will cover the entrance fees to the planetarium and the cost of travel to Chiba.

In order to streamline our travel to Chiba, we are asking all students to meet at Honda station at 8:30. Also, please note that we will be dismissing the students from the school building at 3:30, and not from Honda station.

Please note the attached form. It should be signed and returned to the school no later than Tuesday. (10/21)

Outside Equipment: Please remember that we share our property with Oyumino church. Please encourage your children to make sure that they clean up the grounds before they return home. Many items have been left out by students playing after school. Also, please remind your child that they should not play behind the buildings. If all children play in the front playground, they are easily seen by adults who are here on the property.

Pick-up Time: Pick-up time in 3:30. If you are not available to pick-up your child at 3:30, please make other arrangements for their care.

FEU: The November FEU that was scheduled for 11/08 has been moved to 11/15.

Tennis: Tennis will be Oct. 17, and 24.
Upcoming Events
10/24 Qiball
10/28 School Board Meeting 5:30
10/31 Teacher in Service/ No school
10/31 Reimbursements due
11/4-11/7 Fall Break
11/13 Report Cards
11/15 FEU

CCSI ご家族の皆様

社会科見学:10月24日(金)千葉にあるQiball (きぼーる)へ行きます。理科で学んでいる天文学の学びをより良いものとする為、Qiball(きぼーる)のプラネタリウムを見る事が役立つと思います。







10/24 Qiballきぼーる
10/28 スクールボードミーティング5:30〜
10/31 学期終了/ティーチャーズインサービス/休校
10/31 仮払い精算書提出期限日
11/4-11/7 秋休み
11/13 成績表
11/15 FEU

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