Thursday, May 1, 2008

CCSI Newsletter - CCSI ニュースレター May 2nd

Dear Parents,
Our Wednesday morning devotional schedule is the most diverse.  On the first Wednesday of each month we pray for our school.  We often talk about things we are thankful for and things that we want to ask God for CCSI.  The second Wednesday every month we pray for a different prefecture in Japan.  This is part of a series that was started last year, and we are almost finished with the entire country of Japan.  It is wonderful to think that the children have prayed for almost every prefecture, specifically by prayer needs.  The third Wednesday every month is English worship with the Keiyo Team.  We start classes at 8:30 AM and then at 10:30 AM we have a worship service together.  The 4th week is Concert of Prayer, and we gather together and pray for the first 30 minutes of the day.  If there is a 5th Wednesday, there is a special devotional.  I would like to give a special thanks to Kevin Pitz who volunteers to translate most Wednesday mornings.
Students who will not attend school on May 30, in order to go to the CheaJapan conference, will not be marked absent for the day.  Please note that there will be school on May 30, for the families who are unable to attend the conference.
Upcoming E-Zones:  E-Zone will start up again on May 9th.
Once again, we will be concentrating an the different countries of the world.  However, this semester we will not be providing lunch for the students.  If your students are staying for lunch, please send a packed lunch.
We will be studying the following countries:
May 9:  England
May 16:  Mexico
May 23:  Bangladesh
May 30:  Madagascar
Also, the elementary grades will be performing a dance number for the talent show.  We will be practicing during the last hour of the upcoming E-Zone days.
June 6th E-Zone will be used for student Talent show rehearsal.  (Parents/family are not required to attend.) 
Please sign up for the talent show by the May 24th deadline.
 Upcoming Events
5/3 SAT testing in Tokyo
5/6 National Holiday
5/9 There is E-Zone!
5/10 FEU at CCSI (10:00-12:00) – Dan&Carol Iverson
5/24 Deadline for talent show sign-up.
5/24 Parent Cleaning Day (9:00-12:00)
5/30-31 CheaJapan Conference

Tedd Tripp, the author of "Shepherding a Child's Heart," will be the main speaker. (You can also receive 2 credit hours for attending this conference.) If you are interested in the conference, please pick up a flyer from the CCSI office.

6/7 SAT testing in Tokyo
6/7 Talent Show
CCSI Administration
E-Zone: 59()からE-Zoneが再開します。前学期に引き続き、世界の国々について学んでいきます。今学期は昼食はありませんので、もしE-Zone後に昼食を食べてから下校する生徒は、各自昼食を持参して下さい。
66日のE-Zoneはタレントショーのリハーサルになります。(ご両親、ご家族の方はリハーサルに出ていただく必要はありません。) タレントショーのサインアップは524()が締め切りです






524():タレントショー 申し込み締め切り


530()-531():チアにっぽんコンベンション「親と子のコミュニケーション~Shepherding a Child's Heart~」の著者であるテッド・トリップ氏がメイン・スピーカーです(このコンベンションに参加するとFEU2単位になります)。コンベンションに興味がある方は、CCSIオフィスに案内がありますのでどうぞお持ちください。  



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