Friday, March 27, 2009

March 19, 2009

Dear CCSI Families

Congratulations to the students of the Japanese track for finishing another school year. Thank you for your hard work.
In April, we will welcome several new students to the school and we are expecting the 2009-2010 school year to be the best one yet. See you on Tuesday, April 7!

Stewart Family:
As many of you know, the struggling US economy has made it more difficult for American families and churches to support missionaries. Due to a support account deficit, our family has decided to return to the United States early in order to give a few extra months to raise addition support. We are scheduled to leave Japan on April 17th. We will be living in Knoxville, TN with Lisa’s parents through the summer and are hoping to see many of our supporters in the North Eastern United States before we move to Florida in August.

We will participate in the Keiyo Team field conference next week and then start packing things up and saying our goodbyes.  It has been a very exciting five year term for us and we have much to share with our supporters.

Thank you to all of the school familes for your prayers and support. We are planning to return to Japan after one year and before the English track starts in September 2010.

We will miss you.

Robert, Lisa, William and Isabel Stewart

Tuesday Devotional Leader: (4/07/2009) Kevin Dingle

Tennis Schedule: April 2009
The next school tennis will be on April 10 at Ariyoshi park.  Coach Daniel also plans to reserve courts for the 17th and 24th. Please remember to dress for tennis after lunch and to stretch before class. (2:30-5:00)

Prayer Needs:
Please pray for the coming school year for the Japanese Track. Continue to pray that God would continue to provide the teachers, finances and students needed to run this school. Thank you.

Upcoming Events
3/19 Japanese Track: Last Day of School
3/20-4/6 Spring Break
4/7 Japanese Track: First Day of School
4/11 Entrance Ceremony
4/12 Easter

CCSI ご家族の皆様








火曜日ディボーション リーダー: (4/07/2009) ディングル先生

テニススケジュール: 2009年4月


3/19 日本語部:学期終了
3/20-4/6 春休み
4/7 日本語部:新学期スタート
4/11 入学式
4/12 イースター

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