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December 4, 2008

Dear Friends and Family,

Parent Cleaning Day: Thank you to everyone who came out for the parent cleaning day last Saturday. Everything looks great.

E-Zone: There will be no E-Zone this week.

A Living Nativity: Schedule
Friday (12/5)
There will be no classes on Friday. (No E-Zone)
Students should arrive at the school at 1:30. We will be singing at an afternoon tea for the elderly in the community at 2:30.

Saturday (12/6)
Students should arrive at the school at 4:00.

(Friday and Saturday) We are asking that all students bring a boxed lunch and a snack to share with everyone. We will eat dinner between the 5:00p.m. and 7:00p.m. performances.

Parents: Please dress your child in something warm under their costumes. It may be very cold over the weekend.

Outreach Opportunity: (12/12) CCSI students have been invited to sing at Honda Hoikuen in Honda and Tatsumi Saifuen Assisted Living Center, in Tatsumidai. There is no E-Zone on that day. Students interested in this voluntary outreach opportunity should arrive at the school at 9:00. This is great opportunity for us to share about Jesus this Christmas. (9:00-3:00) Lunch will be provided.

Tennis Schedule: December 12& 19.

Tuesday Devotional Leader: (12/9)
Pitz Family

Upcoming Events
12/5&6 Living Nativity
12/23-1/5 Christmas Break
1/10 Kakizome Taikai
1/20 School Board Meeting

CCSI ご家族の皆様

ペアレント クリーニング デー:先週のペアレントクリーニングデーに来て下さった方々、ありがとうございました。とてもきれいになりました。

E-Zone: 今週のE-Zoneはありません。

A Living Nativity:



(金曜日と土曜日) 生徒は各自、夜ご飯のお弁当とおやつを持参して下さい。おやつは他の生徒達と共に分けるものでもかまいません。5:00と7:00の出番の間の時間にご飯を食べます。



テニス スケジュール:12月12、19日

火曜日のディボーション リーダー:(12/9)

12/5&6 Living Nativity
12/23-1/5 冬休み
1/10 書き初め大会
1/20 理事会

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