Tuesday, December 2, 2014

保護者各位 Dear Parents

We are going to have a board mtg. at educational building. Wed 19:00- . agenda is as below. Please pray for the meeting and if you want to observe the meeting, please contact shinhirohashi@gmail.com

CCSI board mtg.
[Reports] 報告
A.    Students and school update 生徒と学校の現状
B.    Teachers’ update 教師の現状
C.    Finances--- E & J tracks 会計(EおよびJトラック)
D.    Other その他

 <<Regular Agenda for Fall Board Meeting (Oct-Dec)>> 
1.    Approval/Disapproval of new students enrollment in April 2015 
(1)    Principal or Administrator will present the enrollment form submitted by the students
(parents) and make recommendation of students.
(2)    Board will discuss and take a vote.
2.    Renewal of teacher’s contract 教師の契約更改
3.    Recruiting/Hiring of new teachers 新教師のリクルート、雇用

<<Other Agenda for Dec 4, 2014>> その他議案
1.    Restructuring リストラクチャリング(構造改革)
(1)  Set up an Executive Board学校運営会の設置
[Members (Draft)] Yoji, Carol and Kumiko and/or Linda, Shin and/or Karen.
(2)  Merging the E & J tracks to one “International” school: 
First step: Finance 第一ステップとして会計の統合
2.    Developing new teacher supply sources (other than MTW/PCA)
CBI, TCU and PCJ churches 
 Shinichi Hirohashi
JPM Staff/Publishing & Translation
Pastor of Oyumino-Christ Church

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