Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 10, 2009

Dear CCSI Families

Welcome back BBQ:

Thank you for everyone that helped with this fun event. Please say Thank You to the Cocreham family who organized and led. We are so glad to have such wonderful families that help to make these events possible.

Swine Flu:

The school board has decide that if we have any confirmed cases of the swine flu that we will close the school for two days to help prevent an outbreak. If your child begins to show symptoms of the swine flu, please get them checked.

To help prevent the spreading of germs, each student has been given two hand towels to use to dry there hands after washing. Please wash these regularly to help us prevent the spreading of germs. We also have placed a bottle of hand sanitizer in each room.

Pick up Time:

Just a friendly reminder that school ends at 3:30 and students should be picked up then. If you would like your kids to be able to stay longer, then please make sure that you have arranged for adult supervision if you are unable to be present.


Thank you to everyone that signed up for something this past weekend. Please continue think and pray about how else you can be involved in CCSI this year.


Sorry for the late notice: Tennis this Friday 9/11 is canceled. Daniel Pitz looks forward to continuing at Furuichiba on Sept 18 & Ariyoshi on Sept 25th.

Please let me know if you can help with transportation as the school staff is not able to help with this.

Upcoming Events

9/26 Family Educational Unit

10/3 Sports Day













今週金曜日 9月11日 のテニスはキャンセルです。

9月18日古市場、9月25日有吉でテニスがあります。学校スタッフが生徒たちをコートまで連れて行くことが出来ません。車出しにご協力いただける方は、ケビン ディングル先生までご連絡ください。


9月26日 FEU

10月3日 スポーツデー

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